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Fucking it up, why is it so simple? (The complete guide to absolutely nothing)

Posted by RedSoul92 - February 26th, 2020

Ever wondered why it takes so much time to build a house of cards but so little to bring it down? Try to think of an inverse example, you can't, can you? One could even argue that the beauty of something resides on how easily it is destroyed or how big that destruction can be. The bigger they are the harder they fall, right?

Now, fucking things has been one of the top activities of mankind and doesn't seem to ever lose popularity, why is that? Cause it's a fun thing to do, think vandalism, doing drugs, cheating or even tossing your phone into the nearby river, sure, you'll have to get a new phone, but wasn't that fun?

The thing is we humans are hedonist-natured beings so even when we're not having a good time we're projecting ourselves into the next big hedonist adventure. Like when you're at your workplace, thinking about what you'll do with your free time or your earned money. So even when we're not fucking up we're still creating stuff we can fuck up later on. Isn't that fucked up?

So I've been taking some acting lessons in which we were instructed to slowly transition from homo sapiens to neanderthallic beasts and viceversa. I was amazed on how easy and fun it had been to dispose ourselves from ethical and social conducts and how painstakingly difficult it had been to recollect ourselves and create a functioning system of human beings. Yin yang I guess. It's just like the snakes and ladders game, sliding down can seem like a jolly good time till you realize how far up you have to get back, this climbing-up-to-go-down mechanic is a perfect equation of balanced karma, it really isn't that bad if you think about it, hell, at least its something that keeps us on our feet right?



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Yep. I try hard to build rather than destroy but things don't always go as planned

They say the best plan is no plan, nothing can go wrong

A lot of what you said can be attributed to the structure of current society not meshing well with stone age psychology. Humans used to live mostly in small tribes of hunter-gatherers before agriculture, and later, industrialization lead to the formation of nation states. It's why our evolutionary instincts are still playing catch-up with our current civilization.

Last year I really had my shit together good, I had a good-paying job and I actually liked it despite working in a scummy factory. I had my own apartment, I went out with my friends on a regular basis, I wasn't particularly happy but at least I was content with the direction I was taking in life. I fucked it all up, I brought down that house of cards. I had a near-miss incident at work and was demoted the worst position on the worst line so I started calling in. I had enough money to last me a month or two, I thought I was going to be fine. I didn't end up getting another job and I knew I was going to have to move soon. It was my impulsiveness, laziness, and generally bad habits that brought me down. I can go on a pessimistic rant on humanity but I hesitate because I realize that I am certainly no exception. I created my own prison, and when I find the key to my cell I lose it shortly after and begrudgingly shuffle back.

Wait, acting lessons can do all that? Well, shit. Why not keep on pushing PAST homo spaiens, see what's on the other side? You could literally be superhuman, if that's all it takes. "Oh, boo hoo, I know how to become literally the most advanced human in the world, but it's slow and it takes effort." That's what you sound like right now.

Unless you just had a bad day and were being melodramatic, of course. But when has that ever happened on the internet?

Wow, you may be right, hadn't thought about it that way, why put the limit in the actual state of human being, why not take it further o_o
I realize I may have come up as melodramatic in fear of being cocky and arrogant by sounding like hey I'm discovering some real good stuff about human behaviour I think I might be a genius.
Acting improvisation warm ups have given me a nice test sand box to explore the reaches and limits of human interaction and this deep philosophical rants are a way communicating those experiences.