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Newgrounders from the early 2000's, I do a monthly podcast where I showcase other people's music and take credit for it.





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oh newgrounds, the place where I discovered hentai and adult flash games,

the place in which I realized for the very first time that a video could be uploaded in a computer and watched in any other computer over the world with an internet connection.

but that was a long time ago,

it took me 10 years to finally realize that it's not about making the highest quality content and getting it frontpaged cause if that's your main creative drive then you're on your way to an insatiable ego and a possibly shitty attitude,

in my humble opinion newgrounds is about bringing people together by sharing a common idea that can be clock day, pico day or an ng dj set.

I've spent three and a half years making dj sets that included nothing but my own productions and thinking I was an amazing artist for that but slowly and steadily came to terms with the fact that I was closing in and alienating myself form the rest so I decided to start including stuff from friends, followees and people I admired and the result was/is great and I partly owe that to newgrounds,

If you've made it this far then you probably realize that this site is important to me and if by any chance you're into house music and feel like sharing a track you made or you love then I'll be happy to give it a good listen and maybe even mixing it in the next october dj mix.

thank you newgrounds, I love you


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I feel as if nowadays we're bombarded with a wide array of energizing drinks which leads me to think;

why are we so tired?

Are we all under the effect of the same sleep inducing painkillers?

Is restlessness the label of our generation?

Are our urban environments becoming louder and noisier with each passing year?

Or is sleeping for 9 hours just not cool enough for our standards?

I've been experimenting with different sleep cycles, 2018 had been an almost completely nocturnal year waking up at 5 am and going to sleep at 7 in the morning. My logic back then was that I should get used to the DJing work hours as soon as possible if I was to take this seriously but due to several reasons I found myself shifting to a more conventional up at 7:30am and going to sleep around 9:30 in the evening like any mortal human being.

I am also experimenting with biphasic and polyphasic sleep by waking at 1:30 am and remaining awake for about an hour before going back to sleep. That hour period is great for letting your thoughts unravel, it feels an almost out of time moment.

I have also switched from a mattress to a foam mat after reading about many people doing this. After almost a year of sleeping on the floor I can say I don't have any trouble getting to sleep and that it sure makes waking up a lot easier, I'd recommend anybody to give this a try at some point.

Lastly I'm occasionally adding pink noise as background noise to help mask unwanted noise early in the night when neighbors are still active.

Conclusion: By switching my sleep cycles I've been getting a lot more snooze and my creativity is flowing. I know that many feel that a creative state of mind can be achieved doing the opposite and staying awake for extended periods of time but I'll choose to sleep longer and sacrifice a bit of social life and work hours.

I was inspired to write this text after reading a chapter about sleep on David Lynch's Catching The Big Fish.