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Gone raving? Here's a few tips to help you blend in nicely

Posted by RedSoul92 - January 26th, 2020

I wanted to use this opportunity to talk about electronic music culture,

specifically the rave code of conduct as I would like to call it, a sort of electronic club etiquette.

So there are a couple of do's and don'ts in the scene, I've had my fair share of raving so I'll go ahead and mention what I've learned in the process;

  1. Don't arrive in big groups and set your own dancing circle with your buddies, electronic music is individualistic, we'd rather have dance by yourself, maybe someone will tag along.
  2. Don't move on big groups either, save the party train for your friends bar mitzvah. Big movements of people tend to break the personal space of everyone around, and that goes for you too individual person, try not to relocate too much and if you absolutely must go to that other spot, be respectful when moving in between other fellow human beings, sure, some people will say it's better to move while you're dancing, I'd say, touch other peoples shoulder while moving to let them know they're personal space is being broken.
  3. Don't spend the whole night facing the dj, this isn't a rock concert, looking at another human being press buttons and turn knobs isn't the most compelling spectacle to focus your eyes on. Instead, face other directions so as to let interactions take place.
  4. Don't stand in the middle of dancefloor with a bloody mary on your hand, alcohol make people aggressive, we don't want that in here, grab some bottled water or stay in the cocktail lounge. Excessive smooching is a no go in the rave scene, if you want to go to a party and make out there are plenty of cachengue clubs you can go to.
  5. And last but not least, cellphones, there's no clear etiquette about how much you can stare are your smartphone other than keep the brightness low and we'd rather have you recording a video of the dj's performance rather than having you take a blinding flash selfie bragging about how much fun you're having, you can take a squad picture once your outside the club, everybody will be happy to be your photographer once the party is over.

It may all seem like a bunch of weird riles but it all comes naturally when you're actually there. I think they're all codes of conduct that would eventually lead to a better a society, a more human society. Anyway, that may have been a little over the top but I hope this pointers have given you a closer insight about the electronic music culture.

I'm gonna tune out, till the next entry, hope to hear from you again!

RedSoul92 a.k.a 199X trance dj



Comments (3)

I would like to recommend to you the rave episode of Touched By An Angel. It is hilariously fun.

Thanks, I'll check it out!

Great post and very true, on your final point I would go as far as to say don't get your phone out at all. Enjoy the music, live in the moment!

Exactly, the definition on your eyes is pretty damn good!