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Why Not Just Produce Media All Day?

Posted by RedSoul92 - March 26th, 2019

This logic is based on the belief that temporary dettachment can result in a better creative output and in viewing a bigger picture of the general idea through a new perspective.

When I started getting serious on music production I realized my day wouldn't just consist of creating new music on a daily basis, on the contrary, it was just a part of it. But how do we organize the chaos of creative output? 

Well I decided to keep things simple and divide my workflow into three primary tasks or colours;

  • Yellow for everything related to writing and networking, this post right here would have probably been a short list of track names and their duration if writing hadn't been added as a primary task. I believe it helps prevent isolation and any high-horseness that might result in working as a solo artist. The task of exteriorizing through a written medium creates a fictional reader that must be taken into account and thought of, it may as well be the very first approach that we have to the public.
  • Cyan is the colour related to visual media such as cover art, animations and art in general. A lot of the work related to cyan goes through a 3D filter that helps give the image some sturdiness, also the possibility of animating through 3D is a big plus. There is a constant feedback between audio and video, sometimes a single image will be the idea that sparks the whole project.
  • Magenta to me means sound and music. The dynamic of composition can get quite messy sometimes leading to overproduction. It might get tempting to start a new song from scratch but more than often the wise choice is to look for any half-finished project and give them their well-deserved final touch. A great idea that might have not ocurred to you then could be just what the piece is lacking and the satisfaction of knowing the quality of your work is becoming more and more balanced can be greater than the serotonin boost of the blank page.

I believe a simple systematization like this one can go a long way when working solo, at the very least it'll make you see the bigger picture and you're less likely to feel like your blindingly digging a hole.


Here's a monthly calendar image in which every day has been assigned a specific colour